GP Innovations: New in Gas Processing technology

Tyler Campbell, Gulf Energy Information

Elliott Group releases compressor performance monitoring system 

Elliott Group released its Gemini compressor performance monitoring system. Developed jointly by Elliott Group and Tri-Sen Systems, Gemini is a focused software solution designed specifically for continuous monitoring, evaluation and analysis of critical compressor performance and associated auxiliary support systems. 

The Gemini application includes: 

  • A custom Elliott compressor model (a digital twin) for evaluating compressor performance and performance changes 
  • Advanced vibration analysis with vibration evaluation tools and remote-control monitoring 
  • Human machine interface-twin 
  • Providing contextually relevant compressor and auxiliaries data through a responsive internet browser interface. 

MSA launches new HazardWatch FX-12 fire and gas system 

MSA Safety revealed a new full-featured fire and gas system with built-in cloud-ready capabilities. The new HazardWatch FX-12 fire and gas system combines MSA's detection and systems integration experience with the process control/automation proficiency of Rockwell Automation. The HazardWatch FX-12 system is a safety solution designed to protect people, equipment, facilities and nearby communities. 

The HazardWatch FX-12 system is designed to help process and plant engineers reduce hazard vulnerability while meeting the world's most demanding safety standards. Designed for use in hazardous industries, the HazardWatch FX-12 System is ideal for oil and gas production, tanker loading/unloading, petrochemical refining and storage, pipelines and gas compressor stations, LNG facilities, compressed natural gas and hydrogen production terminals. 

The HazardWatch FX-12 System is designed with Rockwell Automation's Allen-Bradley ControlLogix programmable logic controller (PLC) technology and MSA's advanced gas and flame detection field devices. Allen-Bradley DLR-enabled communication protocols allow secure integration with other Rockwell products. 

The technology includes a stand-alone local fire and gas alarm panel with a touch screen operator interface, a redundant power supply to support the fire and gas system, easy integration with third-party auxiliary devices such as horns, beacons, and fire suppression systems and FM-approved EtherNet/IP system communications to distributed control or emergency shutdown systems. 

FCI launches sleek flowmeter for tight equipment areas to conserve natural gas 

Fluid Components International (FCI) launched the compact precision FS10i Series natural gas flowmeter to assist with the global tightening of natural gas supplies and rising prices. The technology helps engineers control their energy costs by measuring fuel gases more accurately to optimize heating equipment and minimize energy consumption. 

Nearly all industrial processes and manufacturing operations rely on natural gas as a fuel, even if it is only for plant heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Heavy duty industrial plant processessuch as those found in oil and gas, refining, chemical production and electric power generation, as well as those in the manufacturing industries, including steel, aluminum, glass and othersdepend heavily on natural gas to fuel the processes used in their production. 

The FS10i flowmeter series is an easy-to-install solution to measure natural gas flowrate. The FS10i meter is accurate to ±1.5% of reading, ±0.5% of full scale, with repeatability of ±0.5% of reading and has a response time of 4 sec. Its small size, plug-in wiring and in-line or insertion style threaded connection into plant piping ensures quick and effective installation. In addition, they are SIL-2 rated for safety instrumented system-critical processes. 

The FS10i flowmeters require no additional pressure, temperature sensors or other components to infer flow measurement. Its sealed sensor with no-moving parts does not foul or clog and requires no routine maintenance. 

The technology provides a fluid-matched, calibrated and linearized 4-20 mA output of flowrate and a user-programmable high or low flow alarm/trip point with a 1A single pole double throw relay output. For visual indication, the FS10i flowmeters include a 10-segment LED array, which illuminates proportionally to the flowrate and flashes if an alarm trip occurs. 

Available in both in-line and insertion style configurations, the FS10i meters support installation in line sizes from 1 in.−20 in. Depending on fluid media and line size, they operate over a wide, 100:1 turndown from 1 scfm to 400 scfm. 

PACCAR to offer Cummins X15N natural gas engine 

PACCAR will work with Cummins to offer the new Cummins X15N natural gas engine in Kenworth and Peterbilt trucks. The X15N is the first natural gas engine specifically designed for heavy-duty truck applications with up to 500 horsepower output. The engine will integrate the Cummins clean fuel technologies fuel delivery system. 

PACCAR, Cummins and several customers, including FedEx Freight and Knight-Swift, will demonstrate the ability to achieve lower carbon emissions for long-haul transport using internal combustion engine technology. 

When operating on renewable natural gas, the X15N engine will significantly reduce the lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions of Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. This can range from a 90% reduction to carbon neutral, or even carbon negative, depending on the bio-source and waste feedstock used to produce the fuel. 

The new X15N can lower NOx levels than the 2024 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board standards. Equally impressive is the 1,850 ft/lb of peak torque output provided by the X15N, which will provide optimum performance when paired with Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies HD and XD Transmission. 

AERZEN develops a new oil-flooded screw compressor for high-volume flows 

AERZEN screw compressors type VMY have built-in volume control and are characterized by maximum reliability and low operating costs. With the VMY836H, AERZEN is expanding its series with a package for volume flows of up to 23,500 Nm3/hr at 60 Hz, thus, setting a new benchmark in the field of process gas compression. The technology is designed for a maximum operating pressure of 25 bar and inlet temperatures of -60°C and greater. 

The new VMY836H is AERZEN's largest oil-injected compressor, and it expands the VMY series and delivers more than twice the volume flow of size VMY 536, the previous flagship. 

Volume flow control is convenient thanks to the integrated control slide. As an option, frequency inverter operation is possible. Efficient partial load operation and flexible adaptation to dynamic process parameters are guaranteed. Hydrodynamic axial tilting pad bearings enable maximum operational safety and service intervals. 

The rotor is not driven via timing gears as in oil-free compressors but via direct power transmission of the driven rotor. The oil injection quantity regulates the outlet temperature and enables the highest efficiencies through efficient gap sealing. A double-acting, oil-purged mechanical seal on the drive shaft guarantees 100% machine sealing. 

The compressor is designed for years of continuous operation and maximum reliability. The design and oil injection make the machine flexible for fluctuating volumes, temperatures and pressures. This makes it suitable for a wide range of oil-compatible gases and mixed gases (including ammonia, refrigerants, hydrocarbon mixed gases, hydrogen, hydrogen/hydrocarbon mixed gases, natural gas, carbon dioxide, propane, propylene, butane and helium). The VMY836H can also be used for pre-compression for subsequent compressor technologies (e.g., reciprocating compressors). 

The customized package is supplied, including oil supply and oil separation, drive train and instrumentation. Accessories such as a gas cooler, suction scrubber and gas filter are also included upon request. GP


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