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Catalyst development enables innovative OCM technology application
-Jeff Wood, Richard Black, September 30, 2015

Access to shale reserves and advances in hydraulic fracturing technology have created an abundance of recoverable natural gas and lightweight NGL in various regions of the world, but nowhere has the impact been more pronounced than in the US.

Design an alternate purge system for an LNG plant fired heater
-Sultan Ahamad, Rimon Vallavanatt, September 30, 2015

LNG trade is expanding globally at a rapid pace. Natural gas is brought to market either with a traditional pipeline or through an LNG supply chain.

Gas processing news
-H. Meche, September 30, 2015

GE Oil & Gas has shipped two LNG compressor trains that are being supplied for the development of Dominion’s Cove Point LNG export facility, currently under construction by IHI E&C International Corp. and Kiewit Energy Co.

Gas-to-power networks expand global opportunity for gas
-Michael Farina, September 30, 2015

New gas discoveries, in combination with advances in technology, are making it possible to address previously insurmountable energy challenges in underserved regions of the world.

Mitigate corrosion in sweet gas amine units
-J. Kittel, Michel Bonis, Gauthier Perdu, September 30, 2015

An extensive review of acid gas removal units covering five decades and more than 120 amine units showed that units treating sweet gases (i.e., those with CO2 only) presented the worst risks of corrosion.

New in gas processing technology
-H. Meche, September 30, 2015

Maag’s new S Series of screw pumps is said to offer the process industries a variety of options for conveying challenging fluids.

Niobrara/DJ gas processing buildout slows, despite continued service expansion
-Jeannie Stell, September 30, 2015

The Niobrara/Denver-Julesburg (DJ) basin has been one of the fastest-growing gas producing areas in North America during the past few years.

Pair NGL recovery with LNG production to improve processing economics
-Dave Beck, September 30, 2015

In recent years, the use of LNG as a clean-burning alternative to coal, gasoline and diesel has grown dramatically.

Show Preview: Gastech
-G. Sutcliffe, September 30, 2015

Gastech is a global meeting of minds for the world's most influential and innovative natural gas and energy professionals.

Small-scale methanol technologies offer flexibility, cost effectiveness
-Uday Turaga, September 30, 2015

Gas monetization through the production of methanol using small-scale plants could be a promising option.

US Industry Metrics
-Adrienne Blume, September 30, 2015

In the US, natural gas prices dropped throughout the summer amid high gas production and sedated oil prices.


Market data is delayed and provided by Barchart.


Boxscore Construction Analysis
-Adrienne Blume
Gaz-System sa’s $3-B, 5-Bcmy Świnoujście LNG terminal (also referred as Polskie LNG) is an LNG import terminal under construction in Świnoujście, Poland.
Editorial comment
-Adrienne Blume
LNG is an increasingly important source of energy for gas importers and a growing business for gas exporters.
Executive Q&A viewpoint
-Katie Pipkin
In June, Cheniere Energy Inc. revealed plans for two significant LNG project developments that are expected to add up to 19 MMtpy of incremental LNG production capacity and bring Cheniere’s aggregate nominal LNG production capacity to 60 MMtpy by 2025.

Live Webcast: Automated Moisture Analysis of Liquefied Petroleum Gas and Other Petrochemicals Register Now
Measuring the true water content in liquefied gas is a challenge facing refineries, fracking operations, and natural gas processors. Techniques commonly used today include freeze valve testing and humidity sensors which only provide an overview of the sample’s wetness. Depending on the type of gas, water may have a stronger affinity for either the liquid or the gaseous phase. Since these common methods are limited to measuring only the gaseous phase, it is impossible to get a true, quantitative moisture measurement.
Karl Fisher technology can be used to measure absolute water content in liquefied gas. A KF Gas Analyzer uses mass-flow technology to quantitatively sample liquid or gas phases in compressed LPGs and perform low-level Karl Fischer titration analysis. Accurate and repeatable moisture detection as low as 5ppm in samples like propane, butane, ethylene, and butene ensures a product that is safe for transport or optimal for use in high-quality chemical and polymer production. October 6, 2015 11 am EDT, 10 am CDT Register Now


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